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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King

When I first saw it, I was amazed by the music that they play in-game. Actually even now, after 3-4 years when I've played it, sometimes I still hear it in my head! can you imagine that? Let me find you a music track, and you'll see what I mean

Here it is:

Ok, maybe it wasn't as cool for you as it was for me when I first played it. Nevermind!

It's a regular RPG. You follow the quests, you buy items in cities and fight monsters in city outskirts. You go to the caves and look for rare items. Regular stuff, nothing to brag about. The thing that I didn't like too much - it's not very easy game, as you don't have options to save when you are in the quest, deep in the cave.. That means when you come to a boss, after fighting numerous monsters, that boss fight is one and only. If you die, game over, dude.. You'll have to go through the whole cave again.

The thing that I like about this game? OF COURSE, it's a TURN BASED RPG! They are so damn rare these days, and this is one thing that really appeals to me. I wonder why they don't release more of it?

Other than that, game is pretty fun and should eat some hours of yours, if you still playing ps2 rpg games!
Oh and look how funny all the characters look like :)

There you go, a review from Gametrailers:

And the last thing about the game - it's price. Since it's pretty old game and made for Playstation 2, you shouldn't expect to pay a lot. At the time of writing this text (summer of 2012), price was 13$ on Amazon.

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Xenosaga 1

I'm currently playing the first episode of this game - Xenosaga. It's not a bad game, maybe sometimes have same flaws, but in general it's pretty good. What I really like is reaally long episodes between the actual game - it's like watching an anime movie! And even if the story is very complicated, it's still lot's of fun to watch it. I have to admit, I still haven't finished this game and I'm only on 2nd disc (there is 3 discs in total), but I'll finish it for sure. Another thing which I like, it's the girl COSMOS on the DVD  - she's a pretty strong character in game, and boy, she looks good!

Battle system is turn based. It's pretty much if you know one game with turn based battle, you know all of them. It's not different for this game, maybe only one thing which looks new to me - that you can have front positions and back positions in the battlefield. if you are in the back, hiding - simple attacks cannot hit you.

I know that third game in the series is much better than 1st and 2nd, but I still have lot's of time in front of me to go there ;) I hope you will like this PS2 RPG game. It's so sad PS3 doesn't have these titles.

Check out the video review from Gamespot:

Today, when I write this post, this game costs around 40$ for a new game, and from 6$ for used one on It's pretty good price, considering it's and old game, which is not under production anymore.

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Turn based RPG’s

You know, I'm truly fan of turn based RPG's. I don't like action or time based games too much.. Especially if it involves lot's of button mashing. I prefer to play it slow, to think about my next few turns and etc.. Well, you know ;) I like when brain wins instead of reaction. So here is the list:

1. Final Fantasy X
2. Dragon quest
3. Persona 4
4. Disgaea

Maybe you wanna add some to this list? I'm always in need to update it. ;)

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Final Fantasy X


I know everyone of you already know about this game. It's awesome, hot and really interesting game about young boy Tidus, summoner Yuna and sexy wizardress Lulu :) They travel all around the fantasy world, encouter lot's of enemies, and of course - game includes all the RPG elements. Characters level up, learn new spells,  etc etc. You know what, my wife watched the game video clips in the story while i played, and SHE ACTUALLY CRIED watching some scenes!!! So that says something about the story of this game, right? I guess it's the best ps2 rpg game ever. If you haven't tried it - you have lost alot!

You can see some video previews, as usually, here:



If for any reason you still don't have this incredible game, you can get this on Amazon!
Final Fantasy X

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PS2 RPG games

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